A Tunnelling Legacy to the Malaysian Construction Industry

The MMC-Gamuda’s Tunnelling Training Academy (TTA) was launched by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in December 2011. It was set up exclusively to meet the need for tunnelling skills and expertise for the MRT project currently being implemented by the Government in Klang Valley.

The Academy is the world’s first training school designed to especially produce skilled manpower for the tunnelling industry, and is in line with the Government’s aspirations to transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020. The Academy will train a Malaysian workforce, in the highly specialised field of tunnel construction, and will also provide a number of specialists to support the roll-out of the MRT project.

The TTA is MMC Gamuda’s training initiative to upgrade knowledge, skills, and performance of workers in the local construction industry. Apart from that, it will also help to produce an adequate supply of specialists, technicians, and skilled labour to support the roll-out of the MRT and other similar projects in the future requiring tunnelling expertise.

Apart from filling the immediate void in manpower for underground work, in the long run, the TTA will be a key in helping the country reduce its dependence on foreign expertise.