Taking care of the Community and our Stakeholders


As a leader in the engineering and construction industry for the underground and tunnelling works, MGKT pledges to implement long term strategies in expanding our efforts to care for the community and protecting the environment, as well as to ensure the welfare of our employees and business partners are in harmony with our values.


MGKT is committed to ensuring that its stakeholders and the communities are well informed and share the same values as us in all our efforts in delivering our commitments towards the success of the KVMRT underground project.

In the interest of the environment, we commissioned an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study to identify the negative impacts and formulate mitigation plans, allowing us to incorporate environmental concerns into the design of the KVMRT project.

Complementing the EIA study, we introduced the Environment Management Programme to ensure that all EIA measures are strictly adhered to in the construction of the SBK Line as well as during the construction of the  SSP Line. Silt traps are also implemented at designated areas to contain suspended sediments resulting from the construction activity. Additionally, noise, dust and vibration are strictly monitored to ensure public interest are well taken care of.

A Visitor Centre for the KVMRT underground works was set up for the SBK Line and a new MRT Info Centre for the SSP Line has been built for the public with the aim to provide the latest project information and serve as a one-stop reference point for stakeholders. Some of the features of the Info  Centre include a scale model of the VD TBM, interactive touch-screen media panel and video presentations, as well as graphic illustrations on SBK Line’s underground works milestones.

AT MGKT, our identity is deeply rooted in giving back to, and working conscientiously around, our community. There are more known and unknown challenges that face our industry, community and world than we can count. It is vital for our organization to continue to innovate and grow within a sustainable framework to preserve our future as a company and as citizens. Simply put, we believe in giving back to the community.


MGKT stands apart distinctly in this aspect. We are the first to have set up a dedicated team whose primary scope of work is engaging with the stakeholders and communicate on the basis that well-informed stakeholders will understand the project needs better. With this comes better support and buy-in during adverse times, when temporary inconveniences become inevitable.

Stakeholder Management is incorporated into the project management and involves meticulous planning and strategic implementation. Very simply put, it is all about having a face to the project and to be there in times of need.  The science and art of Stakeholder Management cannot be developed from text-books. They are developed from years of experience. No two days are alike; no two stakeholders are alike. We deal with issues and concerns with the three basic Values or the 3Cs : Care, Compassion and Concern.

It all boils down to the act of making a difference, which is not rocket science but simply a thought that translates into a series of actions. Our dedicated Stakeholder Management team is on-call 24/7, ready to listen.